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2 ways to win!

Weekly Draw Winner and Catch the Ace for the Progressive Jackpot

1 Select your card for the Progressive Jackpot.
2 Buy tickets for the weekly draw.
3 If you are the weekly draw winner, your card is revealed. If you have the Ace of Spades you win the Progressive Jackpot too!

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Choose your card for the progressive jackpot

Purchase your tickets to the weekly draw

The winner of the weekly draw will also have their card revealed

If the weekly winner has chosen the Ace of Spades, they win the Progressive Jackpot!

If they did not select the Ace of Spades, the progressive jackpot continues for at least another week

Check back each week to see how the Progressive Jackpot has grown and enter again!

Tickets Support

The Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to raising money to meet the capital needs of the Lady Dunn Health Centre. Founded in 2009, the Foundation is committed to supporting the communities by helping to sustain patient care services at the Lady Dunn Health Centre. By contributing funds towards these needs, it ensures that the hospital remains at the forefront of health care with modern equipment.

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Check Past Results

Week 7 Winner Announced

Winning Number: G-5727732

Winner Name: Carlee B.

Card #24, 4 of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $258

Week 6 Winner Announced

Winning Number: F-2886446

Winner Name: Doris J.

Card #23, Queen of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $303

Week 5 Winner Announced

Winning Number: E-7275532

Winner Name: Pat D.

Card #31, King of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $278

Week 4 Winner Announced

Winning Number: D-1452830

Winner Name: Lynne D.

Card #41 - Ace of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $353

Week 3 Winner Announced

Winning Number: C-3139705

Winner Name: Linda B.

Card #25 - 5 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $317

Week 2 Winner Announced

Winning Number: B-1453522

Winner Name: Sierra B.

Card #17 - 2 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $316

Week 1 Winner Announced

Winning Number: A-3812240

Winner Name: Sarah G.

Card #4 - 10 of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $347